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Message of Altruism

A kind heart, love and compassion towards all sentient beings is the lamp that lights our path

"In Tibet we say that many illnesses can be cured by the one medicine of love and compassion.

These qualities are the ultimate source of human happiness, and our need for them lies at the very core of our being.

Unfortunately, love and compassion have been omitted from too many spheres of social interaction.

Usually confined to family and home, their practice in public life is considered impractical, even naive.

This is tragic.

In my view, the practice of compassion is not just a symptom of idealism but the most effective way to pursue the best interests of
others as well as our own!

The more we - as a nation, a group or as individuals - depend upon others, the more it is in our best interest to ensure their well-being."

His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV (click for video)

The Flowers of Peace Bloom Beautifully